Procedures & Therapies

Chronic kidney disease can result in many other health complications that must be treated in order to maintain quality of life and promote longevity. The KSOSN team is skilled in administration of all the procedures and therapies noted here.
Access Procedures 
Procedures to provide hemodialysis access placement and maintenance for dialysis patients are done at our out-patient Vascular Access Center. 
There are dialysis facilities affiliated with KSOSN located throughout Las Vegas for the convenience of our patients. Services include nighttime dialysis and home dialysis options, as well. Click here to find the location nearest you.
Injecting ESA, or erythropoiesis-stimulating agents, is one method for treating anemia resulting from kidney failure. KSOSN provides out patient ESA injections in our clinics.
People on dialysis need extra iron due to a lack of iron-rich foods in their diet and blood loss during hemodialysis. If you receive hemodialysis, the best way to get extra iron is IV through the dialysis machine.
Kidney Transplant 

KSOSN has transplant nephrologists (link to physicians by specialty) on staff to assist patients with their preparations for kidney transplantation and their post-operative care.
Preparation of Patients, Supervision & Management
An alternative to hemodialysis, which filters blood through a machine, peritoneal dialysis uses the inside lining of your own belly as a natural filter. Wastes are taken out by means of a cleansing fluid called dialysate, which is washed in and out of your belly in cycles.
This is the process whereby a living kidney transplant donor has the plasma portion of their blood containing harmful antibodies removed.
Laboratory services 
Monitoring your blood tests helps us see changes in your kidney function, maintain your blood count, and evaluate and treat bone disease. At regular intervals your blood will be tested, the results reviewed and appropriate changes in your care will be made. The results will be reported to you and your KSOSN team.