Dr. Dina Corbin, M.D.

Dr. Dina Corbin, M.D.
  • SPECIALITY Nephrologist
  • Primary Location Central

Dina Corbin, MD believes that many kidney diseases are preventable and working closely with a nephrologist can prevent or slow down progression of CKD and delay need for renal replacement therapy.

She was drawn to the Nephrology field because of the diversity and complexity of kidney disorders and the close interaction with other areas of medicine.

Dr Corbin thrives to deliver high quality care and is dedicated to educate patients about their disease, and work with them and their other physicians to facilitate their concerns or needs.

Dr. Corbin is excited to be a part of KSOSN team. She believes that KSOSN is committed to deliver the highest quality of care to patients

Dr Corbin is happily married and enjoys spending time with her family. Sometimes, she joins her husband on his fishing trips. She also enjoys exploring new cultures through travelling.