Dr. Marwah 
Al-Khazaali, M.D.

Dr. Marwah 
Al-Khazaali, M.D.
  • SPECIALITY Nephrologist
  • Primary Location Central
  • Languages spoken English, Arabic

Training Highlights

  • Medical School: Al-Mustansiriyah College of Medicine in Baghdad/Iraq
  • Internal Medicine Residency: UNLV School of Medicine
  • Nephrology fellowship: University of California San Diego/2020


Marwah’s father inspired her to become a physician because of how much selfless sacrifices he made for his patients. She worked with Nephrologists at KSOSN during her residency and they influenced her to choose her dream career in Nephrology. She is passionate about taking care of kidney disease patients because of the complexity of their clinical care and the multidisciplinary approach of nephrology and how nephrologist play a vital role in managing kidney disease patients while still using out internal medicine expertise. She likes to listen to patients and their families’ concerns and believes they have the right to understand what is going on with their body and health and she has been devoted to achieving that in her daily clinical practice. Marwah likes to build a trustful relationship with her patients by listening to them and helping them make an informed decision.

Marwah joined KSOSN as it has the most talented and devoted nephrologists who come from different backgrounds to work as one team. KSOSN offices are distributed across the Valley so patients can be seen at the convenient proximity of their homes wherever they are. She is excited about what is coming into the nephrology field. It is evolving and with close patient follow up, she believes she can slow the progression of kidney disease and offer patients a better quality of life. She loves all aspects of Nephrology and enjoys taking care of acute kidney disease in the ICU settings as well as peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis.

She first moved to Las Vegas for the UNLV residency program with her husband and fell in love with the city from the first moment as everything is so unique about Vegas. Sunny weather and dry heat are a plus here for someone who grew up in Iraq. She is married and has a daughter. She loves to travel with her husband and daughter to explore new places. She enjoys swimming, biking, hiking, and trying new recipes.

Professional Associations

  • American College of Physicians
  • American Society of Nephrology
  • Renal Physicians Association