Care Navigation

Our Care Navigation Team serves as a liaison between KSOSN, partner facilities, dialysis organizations, transplant centers, and surgeons. They are dedicated to providing outreach and coordination of care to our complex patients. They are responsible for tracking and monitoring a patient through their healthcare journey.

To help patients navigate complex kidney care.
To enhance a patient’s care experience.

How to contact the Care Navigation Team

Phone (702) 877-1887

Alex Farfan - Manager

Director of Innovation & Special Programs

Jessalyn Austria

Transplant Care Navigator

Jennifer Calderwood

Kidney Education Care Navigator

Lauda Martinez-Wheeler

Dialysis/ Prep Care Navigator

Skylar Sathiyaseelan

CKCC Assistant Care Navigator

Deirdra Wilson

Care Navigator

Beatriz Valle-Saldana

Dialysis & Access Placement Care Navigator

Skylar Sathiyaseelan

CKCC Care Navigator

Deirdra Wilson

Vein Mapping & Remote Patient Monitoring Care Navigator

Chezlee Nelson

Registered Nurse Educator

Jaiman McClendon

Assistant Care Navigator