When the kidneys can no longer function, there are two treatment options: Kidney Transplant and Dialysis. A transplant offers a better quality of life vs the treatment of dialysis. After transplantation, many people enjoy a better quality of life. Due to advancements in medications, follow-up care, and surgical techniques, transplantations are now considered one of the most successful treatment choices for people with different types of kidney diseases.

Our transplant team consists of physicians, advanced practitioners, medical assistants, and care navigators that are dedicated to assist you with your transplant questions and concerns. Our Transplant nephrologists work closely with the transplant surgeon to provide and coordinate medical services during pre-transplant, transplant, and post-transplant phases. Our Care Navigators collaborate with the Transplant center to help patients through the transplant process from beginning to end. Some items include the referral process, pre-transplant evaluation, and testing.

How to contact the Transplant Team:

Phone 702-877-1887 x 7063

Efax (702) 877-4186

Email [email protected]

Myacinth Pineda


Christy Kagami

Transplant Care Lead

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