Dr. Adin Boldur, M.D.

Dr. Adin Boldur, M.D.
  • SPECIALITY Nephrologist
  • Primary Location Centennial Hills Office

As a kidney specialist, Dr. Boldur thrives on working with one of the body’s most complicated systems and managing the myriad conditions that it affects.

While the challenge of kidney function attracted Dr. Boldur to nephrology, close relationships with his patients are what keep him impassioned. He finds great satisfaction in assessing each patient and developing a treatment plan that will most benefit them. He also believes in the importance of empowering his patients with information and strategies that give them control over their kidney disease. He was elected as the Service Excellence Physician MVP for Centennial Hospital Medical Center, Las Vegas, NV in 2011.

Passionate about teaching, Dr. Boldur is a former Clinical Instructor at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and is currently on faculty at Touro University and University of Nevada School of Medicine. He currently serves as a member of the medical executive committee for Centennial Hospital Medical Center.