Patient Education Materials

Welcome to Kidney Specialists of Southern Nevada’s (KSOSN) patient education web site. On this site you can learn about kidneys and kidney disease.

There are three main educational tools – videos, articles, and pictures. We hope you find this site informative and helpful.

KSOSN is working in partnership with DaVita Clinical Research and has many trials for most conditions. For more information, click here.


Demonstration on How to Evaluate a Mature Fistula
Using an Ultrasound Machine
An introduction to Dialysis Access and Vein Mapping
Dr. Raj Singh Interview with Healthy Living Radio


Kidney cross section illustration
Kidney location illustration
Man on dialysis
Glomerulus & tubule illustration
Glomerulus biopsy 1
Glomerulus biopsy 2
Glomerulus Structure Illustration
Peritoneal dialysis illustration
Woman on Hemodialysis