A large percentage of the population suffers from some form of back problems, and if you are one of those people, then you know that there are some days when you just wake up and start hurting. Other times, it occurs while you are doing something physically strenuous, in which case it is quite easy to know exactly what caused the pain to occur.

But if you are one of those individuals who often find themselves as the victim of random back pain and has never been diagnosed for it, then it could actually be something different that is causing the discomfort and other issues to occur.

Since the location of your kidneys is near your back, it can often be difficult to determine exactly where the pain you are experiencing is coming from. Regardless of what the answer is, it is generally not something that you want to just ignore and hopes goes away. It’s always better to go see your physician or kidney specialist in Las Vegas and get checked out so that you can hopefully get treated and stop having to deal with seemingly random pain.

In the meantime, here is how you can help determine whether you are suffering from back pain or kidney pain during your weekend trip to Las Vegas.

Where Does Kidney Pain Stem From?
Isolating the area where the pain is stemming from can often be a difficult task because if the discomfort is strong enough, it can feel like half of your entire body is being affected. But if you are able to locate the source of it, then this can be a very helpful sign in indicating whether it is caused by your kidneys or back.

If it is an issue with your kidneys, then the pain should be felt coming from the area right beside your spine, about halfway between your hip and the bottom of your rib cage. This area is known as the flank and the discomfort can either happen in both flanks or only one at a time.

What Does It Feel Like?
What exactly you will be experiencing depends on the issue that you are suffering from. For instance, with a kidney stone, the pain will be a sharp sting that may get slightly better or worse whenever the stone experiences some movements within your system. However, if you are suffering from a kidney infection while in Las Vegas, then the sensation will likely be a bit duller but will be constantly there.

If you do not get the issue checked out right away, then it can sometimes spread within your system and you may start feeling the discomfort in your lower abdomen as well. You may be tempted to ignore the pain because it is not too severe, but when it comes to your kidneys, less pain may actually mean you have a bigger problem on your hands.

One of the best indicators that something is wrong with your kidneys as opposed to your back is physical signs such as experiencing hematuria in Las Vegas. If the problem was just with your back, then it would not cause blood to show up in your urine. Needless to say, if you ever experience hematuria, then you should immediately go and get checked out by a medical professional.

How to Treat It
Treating kidney issues can either be a big deal or a small deal depending on what the particular issue is. For smaller problems like kidney stones, it usually just requires a short hospital visit in order for them to help you pass the stones out of your system. However, for more big-scale problems like kidney failure, it may result in you needing extensive help and having to regularly undergo dialysis in Henderson.

Where Does Back Pain Stem From?
As previously mentioned, this kind of pain is extremely common and it is much more likely that you will suffer from some sort of back pain in your life rather than a kidney issue. But just because it is more common doesn’t make it any less concerning if it occurs on a regular basis.

Unlike kidney pain, back pain can stem from any part of your back and might even affect your buttocks, depending on what the issue was caused by. The issue could be with something as simple as one of your muscles, or it could be affecting more in-depth body parts such as bones and nerves.

What Does It Feel Like?
As anyone who has ever experienced frequent back pain will tell you, how much it hurts really depends on a specific day. Sometimes, it can be something that is just slightly irritating but does not actually prevent you from doing your normal daily activities, while other times, it can completely cripple your mobility and leave you bedridden for the entire day, if not longer. Which one of these types of pain you will experience really depends on the specific issue that you are suffering from at that time.

For pain that is located within your back muscles, it is usually an ache that feels like a dull throbbing and can almost entirely disappear when you aren’t moving. On the other hand, issues with your bones or nerves will likely feel much more severe.

How to Treat It
With simple problems like muscle pain, the only treatment is usually to rest, take some muscle relaxants, and apply heat to the area. However, if you are suffering from something more severe than just a slightly damaged muscle, then you might need more intensive care and might even require a minor surgery or physical rehabilitation.

That is why it is always a good idea to go get examined if the pain persists for more than a few days because at that point, it is very likely indicative of a larger problem.

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