Second Opinions

What Is a Second Opinion? 

Being diagnosed with chronic kidney disease or other kidney problems may come as a shock. It can be troubling if a patient believes that their initial diagnosis or treatment recommendation might not be accurate or would like to learn about different treatment options. In medicine, a second opinion involves getting the opinion of a doctor other than the patient’s current doctor. The second doctor may confirm the first doctor’s assessment, or they may question the initial diagnosis or offer other treatment recommendations.

When to Get a Second Opinion?

There are numerous reasons to consider getting a second opinion for a CKD diagnosis or other kidney problems.

  • A patient was recently diagnosed with CKD or other kidney problems, wants to confirm the diagnosis, or receive counsel on the best plan before treatment begins
  • A patient already started treatment and wants to explore the options that our physicians would recommend

How to Get a Second Opinion?

Call our office to schedule an appointment for a second opinion at 702.877.1887

When meeting with a KSOSN doctor for a second opinion, the patient will want to provide the doctor with as much information as possible, including their first doctor’s diagnosis and treatment recommendations, as well as any medical records, test results, and imaging scans.