Nerissa Bonina, APRN

Nerissa Bonina became a nurse practitioner with patients in her mind. She has always been fascinated with the study of kidney as nephrology is a key aspect that plays significant role in one’ s health being. She believes nephrology requires a deep understanding of organ physiology; effects on different body part systems and personalized patient care yet it is an intellectually fulfilling job.

Nerissa earned her BSN degree at Saint Louis University, Philippines and completed her MSN-FNP degree at Purdue University Global. Nerissa is a board certified APRN by AANP.

Nerissa decided to join KSOSN team as it comprises of kindhearted and devoted nephrology providers that allows patients to be able to obtain quality nephrology care.

Nerissa is a dedicated Nurse Practitioner that would love to serve her patient as much as she can in order to deliver optimum quality care each patient deserves. She wants patients to continuously receive the absolute assistance they need as they go through their health challenges while keeping her patient’s best interest at heart. Her objective is to increase awareness of their illness to be able to implement guideline-based care and improved outcomes. She believes that understanding of the disease will encourage patient on their full cooperation especially when they will need a long-term care. Patient safety and quality care are always her priority. She believes that given the training, she can apply her problem-solving skill and critical thinking in treating nephrology patients based on evidenced-based practice and a system established strategy to help patients get the best care possible.