Myra Joy F. Barlaan, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC

Myra Joy Barlaan, APRN has worked as a dialysis nurse for 10 years and believes that continuity of care, especially in chronic cases, makes a difference in improving patients’ lives. She chose nephrology as it takes an extra-dedicated group of providers to take care of ESRD/kidney patients.

Myra decided to work at KSOSN as it is a large group of providers who are known to deliver individualized quality kidney care. She has also worked with several providers and saw how they effectively and efficiently managed ESRD patients in the dialysis setting.

Myra is an advocate for proper vascular access care, knowing that the vascular access is a hemodialysis patient’s lifeline, and believes that patient education is a vital aspect in the success of treatment plans and improvement of a patient with a chronic disease such as CKD or ESRD. Additionally, it prevents noncompliance, promotes active participation, a shared responsibility, and a positive outcome.

She completed her MSN-FNP at Chamberlain University in Illinois, graduated with honors, and is a certified APRN by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC).

She moved to Vegas from Illinois to get away from the harsh winters. She is married with three children- a son and two daughters. She prefers watching documentary films, war movies, attending live concerts, listening to music, and traveling with family. She speaks English, Tagalog and some Visayan.