Marites Molina-Matro

Marites Molina-Matro


The kidney is such a complex and important organ in the body that it has drawn Marites Molina-Matro to join a practice that specializes in it – nephrology. She believes that with a career in nephrology she will gain more knowledge and a deeper understanding of the kidney’s complexity and importance. Nephrology is one of the fields that she can promote and encourage compliance with health regimens such as the importance of keeping scheduled office visits and dialysis appointments. She is also fascinated with the vital role of electrolytes and acid-base balance, the mechanism of different blood pressure and diabetic medications as they relate to the health of the kidneys.

She moved to Las Vegas with her husband of 26 years along with her two beautiful daughters in 2008. She sees Las Vegas as a place that will offer more opportunities for her children and will allow her and her family to take long road trips. As a nurse practitioner, the number of years of experience among the KSOSN providers and their credibility has led her to join KSOSN. She wants to be a part of a care team that makes their patients’ care and satisfaction a top priority.

Marites wants her patients and potential patients to know that she believes in a trusting provider-patient relationship. She wants her patients to be able to trust her and be active participants in the management of their health. She wants them to know that she will only deliver the highest quality care possible. Regardless of background, all patients deserve health care they can trust and rely on. Although she is new to the field, she is actively learning to get better and will spend the extra time needed to answer patients’ questions about their health conditions. Within nephrology, her special interest lies in making patients understand the importance of keeping their scheduled office visits appointment and dialysis appointments. She has worked in the ER and has seen problems and complications brought in by not adhering to plan of care.

She was born in Hawaii but was raised through her teenage years in the Philippines. She is fluent in Tagalog and Ilocano. She became a Registered Nurse in 2014 and went on to obtain her Master’s Degree in Nursing with focus in Family Nurse Practice and graduated in 2018. She is married for 26 years and has two beautiful daughters. She spends most of her days off crafting and being a dance mom, which she enjoys.