Laura Rios

Laura Rios


Laura Rios did her bachelor’s degree in nursing at University of Phoenix, and Master of Science in Nursing- Family Nurse Practitioner, Primary Care from Purdue University Global. From a young age, she has been fascinated by the intricacies of the human body and how each system works together to sustain life. She has always been particularly captivated by the kidneys and the vital role they play. After graduating with nursing degree, she was given the opportunity to work as a dialysis nurse at Davita’s Star program, and it was during the training process that she quickly realized that she wanted to learn everything that she could regarding this specialty and the population it focuses on.

Laura has been in this field for almost five years. She started working as dialysis nurse at outpatient clinics, then transitioned to the acute care setting treating dialysis patients in the ER, med surge, IMC, and ICU. She then became a dialysis charge nurse where she managed all dialysis orders and treatments at the hospital. Working in different settings with chronic, acute and rehab dialysis patients has helped grow her knowledge in this field and strengthen her expertise in managing this patient population. Throughout her entire nursing career, she has worked alongside KSOSN providers, and admired their knowledge, compassion, and dedication for their patients. She also respects the company’s collaborative culture and work ethic. As a nurse practitioner, she believes it will be immensely fulfilling to work with a group of devoted professionals who share her commitment to giving patients the best care possible.

Laura has sought out opportunities to strengthen her foundation in nephrology, including pursuing research projects related to dialysis adequacy, and working in outpatient dialysis clinics as well as in acute care hospitals. Witnessing patients cope with the physical and emotional toll of living with kidney failure has shown her how desperately nephrology specialists are needed. Her commitment to delivering exceptional patient care is centered around fostering a strong nurse practitioner-patient relationship, carefully listening to patients’ problems, and creating a customized treatment plan for everyone to promote their quality of life. She is confident that her training, experience, and commitment to patient care have equipped her well to manage patients with AKI and the different stages of CKD.

She was born and raised in Colombia and moved to Las Vegas after finishing High School to pursue her college degrees. She speaks Spanish and English. She loves spending quality time with her family watching movies, cooking for families in need through the Las Vegas Lasagna Love, and volunteering at the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youths.