Dr. James Weltman, D.O.

Dr. James Weltman, D.O.
  • SPECIALITY Interventional Nephrologist
  • Primary Location Kidney Specialists Surgical Center

Though Dr. Weltman moved to Las Vegas recently, he is no newcomer to our area. Dr. James Weltman first called Las Vegas his home when he began medical school in 2010 at Touro University, Nevada. After completing his medical degree there, he performed his Internal Medicine residency at Valley Hospital Medical Center, and embarked upon a fellowship in Nephrology at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California, which concluded in 2020.

During his training in Internal Medicine, Dr. Weltman’s Nephrology rotation was under the guidance of the exceptional nephrologists of KSOSN, who inspired him and taught him a great deal. He is proud of the deep commitment to knowledge-sharing and continuous education which results in the cutting-edge care which this medical group provides to its patients.

Dr. Weltman is fascinated by Nephrology. The kidneys – two relatively small organs – are responsible for keeping the entire body in perfect, real-time balance. Even the smallest disruption of that balance puts a person in significant danger. Finding the cause of potential imbalances and restoring harmony is exciting and satisfying for him as a scientist and physician, and can mean the difference between suffering and comfortable health to patients. Dr. James Weltman’s areas of special interest include glomerular diseases, kidney stones, electrolyte disturbances and management of chronic kidney disease.

Dr. Weltman believes that we are affected by disease far beyond the physical malady itself. Illness brings with it a high level of psychological stress and uncertainty – for family members as well as the patients themselves. Patients and their beloved deserve care that is accessible, compassionate and respectful. They must be provided time and space to fully grasp the diagnosis, the treatment plan and the expected prognosis. This is what Dr. Weltman would expect from a physician treating his own family members, and it is how he treats his patients as well – as if they are his family.

When he is not treating his patients, Dr. Weltman enjoys spending time with his wife, a nurse whom he met during training, and his two sons – both born here in Las Vegas. They love swimming, walking in nature, and enjoying everything this wonderful city has to offer.