Dr. Cristy Robertson, M.D.

Dr. Cristy Robertson, M.D.
  • SPECIALITY Nephrologist
  • Primary Location Central

When you love chemistry and have a passion for intensive care medicine, nephrology is an ideal fit. Just ask Cristy Roberson, MD a nephrologist with Kidney Specialists of Southern Nevada since 2001.

During her residency at Medical College of Pennsylvania, Dr. Robertson discovered her love for an intensive form of medicine that incorporates hands-on patient care with challenging diagnoses and complicated treatment protocols.

Dr. Robertson sees every kidney patient as a unique individual, a real person, experiencing a very real, and often scary situation. In her practice there is no cookie-cutter approach to treatment so patients are assessed individually, educated about their options and treated with the utmost compassion.

With her penchant for intensive medicine, Dr. Robertson specializes in nephrology in the intensive care setting of the hospital, as well as management of chronic kidney disease. She is an expert in treating hypertension in kidney disease patients.