Catherine Lorentz, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC

Languages spoken: English


Catherine Lorentz, APRN finds the nephrology specialty to be very interesting because of the highly intricate role that the kidneys have on the body as a whole.  She has worked with KSOSN since 2017, where she has Nephrology experience in the Acute Hospital, Rehabilitation Centers, LTACHs, Clinic, and Hemodialysis Centers.  Prior to joining KSOSN her nursing career was dedicated to caring for patients in Critical Care.  This has equipped her to manage very complex patient cases in the hospital setting, which inspired her to become a Nurse Practitioner.  She received her master’s degree at the University of Nevada Las Vegas where they have consecutively been awarded for their prestigious NP program.  Her goal is to provide thorough medical management and improve the quality of life for each of her patients.  Her golden rule is that she treats her patients how she would treat her family.  She is extremely compassionate, understanding, and always places the patient first.

Implementing research-based practice is extremely important to Catherine.  She believes that the life breath of quality patient care is evolving research and bettering standard of care.  She is the Nurse Practitioner that partners on the research studies conducted by KSOSN.  She finds her excitement in taking part in the groundbreaking studies that eventually impact patients across the world and improve treatment modalities.

She finds KSOSN unique in the fact that they are one of the largest nephrology groups in Las Vegas, yet they are passionate about providing exceptional care to their patients.  KSOSN provides Nephrology care across Las Vegas, Henderson, and Pahrump.  The reputation of KSOSN is well known for setting the bar for excellent care.As a Nephrology Nurse Practitioner, she is absolutely intrigued with the management of Acid Base Imbalances, Electrolyte Abnormalities, Acute Renal Failure, and the Angiotensin Renin system.

Catherine is from Jacksonville, Florida.  After marrying her high school sweetheart in 2006 their military family began the journey that led them to Texas, Georgia, and finally to Las Vegas in 2013. They are blessed with three beautiful children and a loving pup.  They love to explore the outdoors, enjoying hiking and camping as their favorite ways to spend time as a family!