Dr. Tritia Schostak, D.O.

Specialty: Nephrologist

Dr. Schostak received her MD degree from Touro University in Nevada. She completed her internal medicine residency at Sunrise Health GME Consortium Mountainview Hospital and Nephrology fellowship at University of Colorado.

Dr. Schostak chose nephrology because of culmination of experiences. She wanted to specialize in a field that allowed for management of both acute, complex cases as well as chronic disease. She was lucky enough to work with multiple nephrologists from KSOSN who inspired her to pursue this specialty and showed her that nephrology was a unique blend of the things that made her choose to go into medicine in the first place, ie the science or pathophysiology of the kidney and establishing human connection directly through patient care. She knows in nephrology she will never have the same day twice and it will push her to keep learning and growing along with her patients.

She lived in Las Vegas for most of her medical training and find this large city to feel small at times, in the best possible way. She values Las Vegas for its tight-knit medical community and see that reflected in KSOSN, the emphasis it puts on both building relationships with their patients as well as each other. She believes that KSOSN strives to provide patients with comprehensive care as well as educate and empower them.

She believes that communication and early recognition are critical for patient success. She realizes that kidney only comprises just one part of a patient’s medical history when treating the patient. Often CKD may be asymptomatic and only noted due to a lab abnormality. It is important for early recognition with referral to nephrology to provide care. Patients should know that nephrologists are committed to slowing the progression of kidney disease and maximizing their quality of life.

Dr Schostak Areas of special interest include home dialysis including PD, acid-base and electrolyte disturbances as well as CKD management.

Her hobbies include tennis, golf, dance with emphasis on ballet and home renovations.