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Dr Rao Prasad

Rao Prasad, MD’s passion for helping patients with kidney disorders has always been so evident that it even inspired his son, Rajeev Prasad, MD, to become a Nephrologist. Since his early days in medicine, Dr. Prasad became very interested in dialysis and kidney transplantation and therefore focused his career in nephrology.

Patients and their families are extremely fortunate to have Dr. Prasad as their physician. Not only does he offer excellent experience gained from years of practicing medicine, but he is also very personable, compassionate and understanding. He believes in a collaborative approach to managing kidney disease and works closely with his patients other physicians. Dr. Prasad is also a strong proponent of prevention, early intervention and cost-effective care. His area of interest within the field of nephrology is renal calculus disease, or the treatment of kidney stones.

Dr. Prasad chose to join the KSOSN team largely due to its experience and standing as the premier providers of kidney care in Southern Nevada. Prior to moving to Las Vegas, Dr. Prasad was the Chief of Nephrology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison health system.