Nychelle Blair, Front Office Supervisor

Nychelle joined Kidney Specialists of Southern Nevada’s Executive Team in April 2022.

Nychelle has an extensive background in healthcare customer service. She has worked in positions of leadership in Pharmacy, Radiology, Primary Care and now adds Nephrology to her list of leadership experience.

Nychelle gained a lot of experience in leadership management, as a regional manager in retail in Chicago.

Nychelle has a Bachelors of Science degree in Biology.

In addition, Nychelle is extremely family oriented, and loves to travel. Her grandfather visited all 50 states, and she plans to follow in his footsteps. 17 out of 50 so far!

Her leadership style is people work for people; she encourages her team to feel confident and knowledgeable so they can provide the best service to our patients and be amazing team players with our medical team.