Kimbrelle Pascua, MSN, APRN, NP-C

Languages spoken: English and Tagalog

Primary Location: Centennial Office

Kimbrelle Pascua graduated with distinction from Chamberlain University for her MSN-FNP. She is board certified through the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Certification Board.
She had seen a lot of chronic kidney disease patients in her time practicing as a nurse practitioner and noticed that it often changes her management of their disease. She has always been more curious about the field of nephrology, and ultimately decided to pursue it. She has been a nurse practitioner for 2 years, working in both the in-patient and out-patient setting. She has practiced internal medicine, neurosurgery, and ENT. She has been amazed to see how chronic kidney disease and acute kidney injury have affected all those different practices.

She finds Nephrology a remarkably interesting and exciting field of medicine. A lot of kidney issues are caused by factors extrinsic to the kidneys. Most of kidney disease does not happen overnight. She believes that optimizing kidney care can lead to an overall better health outcome, and thus a better life. Kimbrelle believes in patient empowerment through understanding of their disease process. The more she can help to explain what is going on, the better patients will take care of themselves.

In her time as a nurse and a nurse practitioner, she always heard great things about KSOSN from patients and staff members. She has witness how caring and compassionate the KSOSN team is. KSOSN has an excellent reputation and is very well known across the valley and that is why she joined the team and hopes to continue the excellence of KSOSN.

Kimbrelle immigrated from the Philippines in 2007. She graduated with BSN in Manila Central University, Philippines. She moved to Las Vegas in 2013 to pursue her nursing career and met her husband here and hopes to raise a family in this wonderful city. They both love outdoor activities, hiking, and traveling with family. She speaks Tagalog and English.