Gavneet Sandhu, M.D.

Specialty: Nephrologist

Primary Location: Central office

Languages spoken: English, Punjabi, and Hindi


Dr. Gavneet Sandhu received his MD degree from Saba University School of Medicine. He completed his Internal
Medicine residency at MedStar Union Memorial Hospital(Baltimore, MD) and Nephrology fellowship at Georgetown
University Hospital (Washington, DC).
He was attracted to Nephrology early in first year of medical school
when he was exposed to Renal physiology. His background in Biochemistry and Human Biology made seamless
connection with understanding acid-base and electrolyte disorders. He went on to become a teaching assistant
during his second year of medical school for renal physiology block. Exposure to complex dialysis population and
vast kidney related diseases during residency further solidified his career choice in pursuing Nephrology.

Dr. Sandhu moved to Las Vegas because of sunny weather and great outdoor activities. He believes that KSOSN in
particular is one of the most well organized and well-established practices with top notch patient care. KSOSN
is a large practice which makes continuity of care easy regardless of where the patient maybe located in or
around the city. KSOSN also offers a wide variety of backgrounds and expertise which makes knowledge sharing
easy and accessible to help with best patient care. KSOSN also offers the opportunity to use the latest
technologies and treatments available to treat a variety of kidney diseases.

He believes that kidney disease requires time and patience to be treated but most importantly it requires patient
education. He values educating his patients the most to provide them with all the tools they may need to help
make the right clinical decision. He believes making small changes in lifestyle like diet and exercise has
immense impact on progression of kidney disease which Nephrologist play a central role to help promote and
advocate for their patients. Modern medicine has also brought many tools that we can use to treat a variety of
kidney diseases tailored for each patient.

Dr. Sandhu grew up in Canada and moved to US since starting Residency. He wanted to experience warmer weather and
decided to move to Las Vegas. He is married and has a daughter and son. He enjoys traveling, hiking and
painting. He can speak fluent English, Punjabi and Hindi.