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Zarah Gaerlan, MSN, APN

Zarah Gaerlan has worked as a dialysis nurse for 13 years providing care and education to patients with kidney disease. She selected nephrology field because it is the complex and challenging organ system to study. She also likes nephrology as it is one of the very few areas in medicine that allows providers to establish a long-term relationship with the patient. It is important for her to be of service to minorities who are significantly affected by kidney disease.

Zarah decided to work at KSOSN as it is one of the largest nephrology practices in Southern Nevada and is comprised of dedicated and outstanding providers and staff. She has worked with KSOSN providers in the past as a dialysis nurse and has seen their passion and dedication in their work.

She is passionate about her work, and shows empathy and compassion to her patients. She firmly believes that patient education is crucial to improving individual health. She also believes that communication should be the focus of patient care. She tries to make sure that the patients understand their condition and what they can do to help improve their quality of life. She feels the sense of fulfillment knowing that she made a difference in the lives of the patients. Home Therapies and education are areas that she likes the most within nephrology.

She graduated with a BSN in 2000 and started working in Nephrology and graduated with MSN AGNP degree in 2017. She moved to Las Vegas to be close to her family.