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Olivia Fernandez, APRN


Olivia Fernandez is interested in the different treatment modalities for acute kidney injury, chronic kidney disease, end-stage renal disease and prevention of kidney transplant rejection. With the growing population of patients with renal issues, she wanted to be a part of a team that will provide the best care for these patients.


She has been a resident of Las Vegas for almost 20 years and has worked closely with KSOSN physicians. She joined KSOSN as the group offers the most comprehensive care for kidney patients. The providers are known for their integrated approach in treating patients with kidney problems at the same time providing patient education and support.

Olivia is a very hardworking person and gives her best in everything that she does, and she loves taking care of patients. She is a team player and open to suggestions, opinions and criticisms. She believes that open communication and feedbacks is the best way to manage patients effectively. She is very interested to learn more about CKD and how to diagnose kidney disease as early diagnosis of kidney disease is key to treatment.

Olivia is happily married with three kids. She finished her Bachelors of Nursing at Arellano University, Philippines and received her Master’s degree as an APRN from South University. She is board certified as an Adult Gerontology Care Nurse Practitioner from AANP.